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Experience a new perspective and a moment of tranquility.

Appreciate the beauty and magnitude of Los Angeles.

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Foster humility by reflecting on the vastness of the city.

Value living in a city full of diverse communities.

Enjoy the natural beauty of the sky and the hills that we may not see in our everyday views.



Beauty from the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

By Heidi Harmon

I believe that beauty exists

whether or not the beautiful thing recognizes its own beauty and

whether or not others admire the beautiful thing.

So I find safety in assuming that beauty exists everywhere

and that recognizing it

lies at the top of my list of

things I must do.

I’ve heard people say that while in Switzerland, no matter which direction you point your camera,

you cannot help but capture beauty.

I have not heard this said of Los Angeles.

Yet beauty finds me everywhere in my city of angels.

This beauty includes a grittiness, granted,

particularly in today’s 90-degree weather.

Dry, dusty grasses and sages smell like California.


I look upon my city in all directions and see

brilliantly colored graffiti looking back at me from the base of the overlook,

a cherry red ’57 Chevy lowrider,

a monk’s bright orange robe,

a Fender Stratocaster in sparkly teal,

a mural with extraordinary greens and blues with a portion of yellow.


I hear a low murmur of traffic, music, and languages.


I taste both hard-earned and easy sweat,

exquisite kisses, and

tears of life-saving joy and of

excruciating grief.

I sob with relief knowing that my very hard heart has softened and is recovering.

The beauty of love, joy, ease, and safety has won.


I spend some time in this mikvah of

smells, sights, sounds, and tastes.

Then I step out of it, dry myself off, and return to my city down the hill

knowing I belong in it with everybody else.



Volunteer with California Department of Parks & Recreation

Help nature return to your city


Learn More:

Volunteers help preserve and protect the park’s precious natural and cultural resources. People, wildlife, and native plants are living life and celebrating! Apply to become a State Park Volunteer and really make your local park shine! Click here for volunteer application.



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